The Human Development Company -delivers applications that impacts change in marriage,dating,relationships,love,managing daily  conflict and creating an awareness to love each other unconditionally.

What parents want most of all is to raise a child who is both successful and happy. You can learn how!
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Change_Development_Personal Development
What people want in life is to enjoy their work, enjoy their relationships, and feel they are making a difference. You can!

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Relationships are the greatest source of joy or pain. Your choice!Read More

The real purpose of marriage is…not what you might imagine. Find out!

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The Best is Yet To Come! True or False? Find out!

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Different Concepts - Different (Better) Results

The Human Development Company (THDC) is advancing the cutting edge of developing human potential. Our original concepts are generating conversations and there are excited discussions about the effectiveness of our new  tools and modalities. People are talking about them and will be using them world-wide in 5 to 10 years. Ours is an idea whose time has come. You know the importance that awareness, vision, and communication play in personal development and relationships. Only knowing the most effective ways to develop each, combining them with loving behaviors given unconditionally, plus integrating these four facilities sequentially, can the effective development and full self-actualization of human beings be realized.


This is what Dr. Roberta Karant, Director of Education for THDC says;

“I heard Stefan Deutsch give a talk about his ideas four years ago and my first reaction was, ‘Wow. I had never heard concepts on human development, psychotherapy or love that were comparable. Simple, intuitive, experiential, logical – but most of all – they rang true. I thought this is someone I have to work with – he is going to change the world.’ A lot of people are called Foremost Experts in this or that field. I don’t believe it applies to anyone more than Stefan as far as the realms of love, loving, healing or developing human potential are concerned. I’ve been working with Stefan Deutsch ever since, and have witnessed the power of his ideas in our work as well as in my own practice and life firsthand.“



We got the model that works....and you're welcome to it.

Take a close look at our ideas and concepts and learn about the differences between our approach to parenting, relationships, marriage, aging, health, success and other mainstream ideas. The good news is that we have tested our ideas over the past 15 years and they work.



The Continuum Theory™



As Dr. Richard Lerner, in his comprehensive 'Concepts and Theories of Human Development' explains … 'alternative world views lead us to ask different questions about development'. Not better, just different. The real value of a new worldview and the theories it may bring forth is in its 'usefulness for descriptions, how well it explains development, and its use in devising new ways to optimize human behavior'.

The Continuum Theory™ provides just such a new world view, a new definition of life span and therefore human development, which more fully explains human development, and opens up new worlds of possibility for reaching the optimum potential of each and every individual. Read more on The Continuum Theory...



Love, Loving Behaviors, Unconditionality



Without understanding: 1. What love is? 2. Why it is so painful when we are deprived of it? 3. What part of us experiences this pain? and 4. The fact that we must learn to give and get love unconditionally - our energy, our productivity, our health, and our relationships will not reach their maximum potential. Read more on loving unconditionally...





Just Say Yes to Love (JSYTL)




JustSayYesToLove is touching hearts and minds. Helping thoughtful singles everywhere develop the skills, create the context, and acquire the tools necessary to find lasting relationships.

Go to to register today and start learning about yourself and relationships.



Training The Therapist


THDC will soon begin to open our doors for qualified coaches, counselors, psychologists, and psychotherapists. A comprehensive certification program will teach professionals to integrate the Continuum Theory into their work and credential them to teach the theory and HDC programs in schools, colleges, corporations, and fitness centers.



THDC List of Articles


1. Marital Warning Signs

2. Does Your Marriage Feel Like a Rerun

3. COMMUNICATION - The Life Blood of a Great Marriage


National School Program


Social Emotional Intelligence (SEL) curriculum program for grades K to 12. The course applies the tenets of the Continuum Theory of human development and focuses on Awareness - Envisioning - Communication - Unconditional Behavior. The program benefits a child's self-esteem, as well as school performance and home life.



Our Books

"Ten Commandments for Loving Unconditionally

A work of love and devotion by the nations top psychotherapists.



"Loving At Will"



THDC has undertaken the publishing of a series of books based on the Continuum Theory’s applications. Their purpose is to enrich our ability to love unconditionally, to parent effectively, to age powerfully, and reach our life goals in a remarkably effective and unique way.



Career Opportunities with THDC


THDC has exciting career opportunities for qualified individuals in the human development, school curriculum development, psychotherapy, professional training, eLearning, Moodle ecourse development, publishing, editing, and writing fields. Our programs are built upon social emotional learning, positive psychology and are considered the next generation in human development.



Young Adult - College Student

Self-Esteem Project

Objectives - Self-Support, Self-Esteem, Enhanced Relationship, Academic Achievement

This project is intended to give interns firsthand experience in developing, participating, and evaluating research on enhancing self-esteem in college populations. Participating in this research will be invaluable if you’re considering graduate work.